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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fable 3 Glitches Out

Fable 3 was not that bad.  I played the game for two weeks, but it might not have been that long if it was not for the glitches.  Overall I do think it is the best fable game but the others were not any good anyways.  With a story line after the road to rule it was my most favourite part of the game.   The game just has too many glitches which had made me start new games because the others would not continue.  There was just were too few bosses and the end boss was way to easy I didn’t even notice he was the end of the game until it was over.
In general, I found the game to be just like Fable 2, just with better online and in a new map.  The road to rule could have been longer and more options, for the game to have been better.  I think they should have other decisions between followers.  Have objectives to choose between followers, have the game change depending on the follower you chose.  Have the follower do something for you beside swing the sword, like give them special abilities they can use to help you.  
The biggest setback to the game is that it has no main menu screen; video games have had main menu screens since the 80’s.  Get a main menu, you spend more time loading games then playing them because you need to load the wrong file just to load the file you want to use.  The most annoying part is loading into a game and being stuck in a door, or getting so far into the game, and it glitches and you never get to continues, so you need to restart.
I know with so many other game coming out, that are ten times better and the same price, I am sure Fable 3’s price will fall fast and others will dominate it and make Fable 3 a free hand-out like Fable 2 was, so don’t buy it.
Other Failing game: Dead Rising 2

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