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Saturday, November 6, 2010

October’s success

This is a quick blog on my blogging success in October.  It all started with the class learning how to tweet, most of them tweeting for the first time.  Shortly later, we moved to blogger to learn how to blog.  Blogger was not working, so we quickly moved to WordPress as it was easier to setup and our class had successfully blogged for the first time. 
WordPress was a success.   WordPress was not bad, it was just too simple, I wanted to learn more.  After a short two weeks on WordPress, I had already completed two blog posts and was not having much success, after following other classmate’s blogs; I chose to switch to blogger as I found it offered me more.  Here is my Post: Good-bye Word Press, everyone should check it out.  With 42 people in the class I found following all of our blogs is not easy.
When I came across blogger again and I chose to switch, I was happy to switch everything over, as this has been an experience I have enjoyed.  To consider most of my 42 person class had never seen twitter or read a blog, two hours ago.  Blogger was not working at school because all 42 people had tried to create an account at the same time and the internet is not dumb, it puts a stop to things like that, so I had to create the blogger account from home.  Creating the blogger  at my house was so much easier.
Now, here we are, its November.  Switched to blogger on the 15th of October, from then to Oct. 31, I have had 1433 Page views, thank you all.  My most common country is Canada, but also being viewed in USA, Singapore, Russia, Germany, Tunisia, and Sweden, Thank you again, keep up the reading but I need more comments please. 
With 23 blog posts in October
here are my Top 5:

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