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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Loyalist PR Accepts the Challenge and Challenges all

What is the challenge?’s for the cause
Thanks to one of our classmates, we're jumping on the new challenge here in the Post-Graduate Public Relations Program. (loyalist PR)
The challenge is to go without social media for 24 hours tomorrow.  The event starts from 9 am Wednesday, November 1st to 9 am Thursday, November 2nd.
War Child was the group that had started this and challenged us.
Why? 1)War Child has challenged us 2) to see if we can do it 3) to encourage us all to connect with one another using face-to-face communication and 4) to help raise awareness for a great cause.
So let me know if you accept the challenge it includes NO FACEBOOK, Twitter, Texting or even emailing.

Silence for 24 hours.

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