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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The True Colors of Loyalist PR

True Colors is so interesting, you have to check it out.
Last week an instructor had come in and done a workshop on true colors with our class, this was not the first time I have done True Colors.  The workshop was useful, it teach you a lot about your classmates.
The workshop will teach you about the colors then show you how to work better with each color.  Each color has different strengths, weaknesses, skills, and every influence each one differently.  Showing us the way each color works best and how to work with them.  All of the informations from the true colors workshop is useful information, as it I hard to work  with some people.
What is True Colors?

The Four Colours:
Gold represents value and goals, stability, commitment, responsible, organized, supports institutions, on-time, efficiency, dependable, Law abiding, reliable and structured.
Blue represents friendship, helpfulness, soft hearted, respectful, strong connection with emotions and sensitivity, good communicator, good patience and giving, an all around humanitarian.
Green represents expression of logic, existence and curiosities of nature; is always looking for the logic answer, determined, insightful, always looking for explanations and the greater cause, need reasoning for everything.
Orange promotes movement, motivation and excitement; being risk taker, ambitions, embrace everything, jump in head first, playful and lots of energy, never looking back, always trying new things.
A few stresses of each color:
Gold doesn’t like Inefficiency, Lack of order, lack of leadership, waiting, change, inconsistency, and lack of control.
Blue dislikes judgemental people, time limits, chaos, injustice, no hugs and no support.
Green hates noise, not knowing, other people, time, know-it-alls, and limits.
Orange doesn’t like too many “golds”, lack of cash, lack of passion, lack of sex, paperwork, unbendable rules, schedules and low-esteem.
What am I?
I am not one color.  I started one color but now I am skitsofrantically all four of them.  In my first week of college I was (Gold 11, Orange 16, Blue 10, and Green 23), which was interesting, I was told it was because I seeking an educations.
In my second year of college is was (Gold 15, Orange 15, Blue 13, and Green 17), which was the first time I was more mixed in the colors.  Both of the first two tests were down when I was in Loyalist College Business Administration program, also being done by the same instructor. 
Now I am in the Public Relations program, and took the test again from the same instructor.  This time I ended up with (Gold 16, Orange 16, Blue 13, and Green 15).  There was not much change I am still mixed, I was just told by the instructor that my colors change and I adapt to every situation, however I find needed, weird eh.
True Colors is so interesting and I can’t wait to see how my colors change next year, I highly recommend anyone that has not done this with a group of people, they must try it.

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