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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Canadian Branding

They provide a flavourful, variety and high-quality menu to Canadians of all ages and tastes.  A number of you could not forget it if you tried or its little jingle. The company has become a leader in the quick service segment of the Canadian foodservice industry and one of the top pizza restaurant chains in the country.  They enjoy serving everyone on the go. 
The Brand is most commonly known as Pizza Pizza.  Pizza Pizza Limited was founded in 1967 in toronto, Canada.  Since then has become Ontario's number one pizza restaurant chain.
Pizza Pizza is a franchise-driven restaurant company.

The company is lead by its mission statement which is:
Always the best food, Made especially for you

Pizza Pizza Targets anyone on the go, who are not willing to sacrifice taste for quality and flavor.
Pizza Pizza enjoys staying as a menu innovator, thinking of food quality and consumer trends with products offerings such as multi-grain and trans fat-free dough.  Pizza Pizza was the first to introduce the new dough into their menu, attaching others.  Fact; Whole wheat multi-grain dough is made with 25% less sodium than regular.
Pizza and club cards are always available.  Pizza cards are cards you load with money and use at a later time or give as a gift. Club Cards are used to redeem points and trade them in for free products or pizza, and discounts.
Master Pizza Spinner
Pizza Pizza has a whole event based on spinning dough into pizza.  The competition is internationally held around the world.  Master pizza spinner and who is the newest member of the widely spread out Pizza Pizza “family” is Juan.  There is master pizza spinning events held all over the world.  Juan won the Gold Medal representing Canada at this year’s international Pizza Championship in Naples Italy.


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