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Friday, November 5, 2010

Loyalist PR Sections Are Going To Merge

In the first week back after reading week the class was shocked but also happy at the same time when they heard the sections are coming to a merge in the spring.  For the first time Loyalist PR accepted more students and divided our class into two sections.  Although, we are altogether for the first hour every day.
We were told, after long nights of thinking and planning with the other instructors, they brought the two sections back together.  Everyone thought that it would be better, as it is hard to work together with a class that is divided most of the week.  As the instructors had said there were still people that didn’t know each others names and she did not like that.  The instructor know this will improve our learning experience.   I wish the Business Administration course had done that.
Our class is not an ordinary class.  It is a class of fun and planning great, epic events, as well as learning.  Loyalist PR has some intelligent instructors and I believe they know what they are doing and I look forward to the fall but also don’t want it to come any time soon.

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