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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PR To The Rescue!!

Just a quick blog to tell you how PR can save a bad branding choose.
In Loyalist PR I have learn some interesting cases from the past and look at them kind of differently.  Had look into and learned some interesting information about Michael Vick’s case.  This was all because a fellow classmate had done an assignment on the topic and I was interested.
A little information on who Michael Vick is.  He was the first overall draft pick to the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 a NFL team (National Football League).  The highest paid player in the league at one time.  He had a huge name in the NFL as an icon and is now working on getting it back.
What did he do? It’s started a drug raid and ended him when he plead guilty for the dog fighting ring and got a suspended sentence.  It was report he killed the one that would not fight. I totally agree he should have done much longer than he did do.  he also lost 10 million in endorsements from other brands.
When everything was going on did you think he would ever play in the NFL, again?
In the end, in my opinion his Public Relations team had done an amazing job of changing the story from what he has done, to what he is now doing for the dogs to help them now.  To me it still doesn’t matter, but I will let you read in on it and have your own opinion.  Click here to read an article about his return.
He plays for the Eagles now and is on and X Box 360 game cover.  He is on the Madden NFL 10 for the X Box 360.

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