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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blogger Report: Please Help a Local Charity

I have a favour to ask of everyone in the local area.
While I was out doing my work from Loyalist PR, I was working on a media kit.  When I got stuck I turn to the local Canadian Cancer Society for help as I knew they had most like done many media kits.  While, I ran into something amazing and it reinforces what I was saying in my blog "It’s taking over the world,.....”.
I was amazed and the Canadian Cancer Society had not known about it and I had shown them it and now are looking into it.  A couple days later, I checked-in again and I get a tweet on twitter from @checkinforacure thanking me for check-in.
So my favour I ask to all with a phone, even if it’s the only reason you use Foursquare, please go check-in at the Canadian Cancer Society on 97 Hanna Court South in Belleville, Ontario and stop in and say hi, they are friends people and the check-in is for a great cause and will help the fight against cancer.

For the whole list of check-in locations, click here.

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