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Friday, December 10, 2010

Loyalist PR 2010/2011 Semester One, Complete !!

This is just a quick blog to quickly recap the first semester of Loyalist College’s post-graduate Public Relations Class (Loyalist PR).
It started out to be an experience and turn quickly to a lot of fun.  I have learned some interesting things.  I think in some weeks I had learned more in a week of Public Relations than the whole two years of Loyalist College’s Business Admin course.  In a class less than half the size as the business course, I think I have met more people as well.
The course started slow and sped up quickly, before I knew it I was blogging this post.  The last two week was more stressful than I would have like them to be, but that is life these days.  I had found out of classmate a lot on why they don’t and do like the course, which was kind of disappointing to me.
When all is said I still hope to see everyone back in the fall. To my the program is alright, better than the Business Admin program.  I do like how much the class has kind of turn into a family, and keep hosting together for the whole class.
I can’t wait for our Christmas Party/ Secret Santa out at one of our classmates houses.

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