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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Busy December

December has been so busy.  I know December is always busy for everyone due to Christmas that month but I did not plan my December to be this busy.  My school semester ended on December 16 but my work has not stopped.  I didn’t thinking about it at the time but that day would have been two months blogging.  December is almost over now and before we know it, it will be January, so here is a little inside information on how December went.    So much has happened this December.
I tried to relax for a couple days but I was thinking to much about Christmas and getting it done and the shovelling all winter long, to add to all, I have had my internship that is coming up in the spring on my mind, I wish I could just get to work on it.
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas, and or Holiday, if you didn’t than I hope you had a good week.  My week was amazing, stressful, and fun.  Christmas was amazing and Santa was amazing to us.  I hope Santa was good to everyone else. Now Christmas is over.  Thank You, Santa, see you next year.
Another thing that has been an experience for myself in December, I started Volunteering for the Belleville Bearcats.  I just volunteered to help promote their upcoming event in January, so look for those posts soon.  I am looking to start their social media, like facebook as well so if you interested you and check them out there soon, as well.
Now with a total 4,591 Page views, I am looking to reach the 5,000 mark soon.  It’s been just over two months blogging and this will only be my tenth post in December, but sixtieth post over the time frame of blogging.  I hope you all keep reading and look forward to the upcoming posts.

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