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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minor Setbacks

I enjoy blogging.  Blogging was the best thing I was shown in the public relations program at Loyalist College.  Although blogging takes time and a computer with an internet connection to be able to accomplish anything, without one of them blogging can become a lot harder.  Recently you have notice a lack of active on my site, which is due to a few minor setbacks. 
Both computers had hard drive failure and now only one has been fixed.  Now that the computer has been fixed active will now start to pick up on my site.  Both computer and my phone broke I took a short break to rest and fix things.  The brief holiday was fun although I was still working.  I had forgotten what life was like without a computer.
There was another minor setback that recently had happened to me.  Two weeks ago I dislocated my shoulder, this has happened over and over again.  I have been waiting for surgery for a few years and recently have set a date for shoulder surgery in a few weeks.  There should be active on my site during this time but in one months time the site should be back to normal with a steady flow of incoming information and news.
Thank you for your support and stay tuned.

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