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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father’s day is a day to cherish your fathers and thank them for everything they have done.  There is no doubt in my mind the role of a father in any family is important.  In most cases the fathers roles is given to the traditional male of the household but with more and more places allowing gay marriage you can also find both the mothers and fathers roles going to the opposite sex.  No matter how your family works to have a happy and health family both a mothers and fathers role is very important.

I personal thank all fathers that are a part of the children’s lives.  In my opinion there is nothing that would take me out of my child’s life but I each year that goes by more children are born into troubled families.  I understand what that is like.  Growing up without a father’s role was hard.  I watched my father raise other children that were not his as he pushed my brother and I to the side.  We can’t say it didn’t affect us but we never let it hold us back.  The negligent parenting and lack of a father really bothered me.  Two years ago this November my father passed away due to cancer.
Life is short and family is important.  Family is not always blood but family is always needed.  A father is not always a male but is very important.  If your father is doing something you dont like voice it, explain your feelings and never give up on your family.

If there is an important person in your life that plays the perfect “fathers” role, cherish, thank, and show “him” how important “he” is to you and your life.
Happy Fathers Day to all the True fathers.
Anyone can have a child, but a family raises them.

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